Our company’s main profile is making canvases. We use the best materials with high competence to produce the covers of trucks, trailers, semi-trailers: side curtains, top-covers, drawable canvases for any type of cars.

The qualification of the used canvases can be viewed on the page of Materials/colour samples. We use the well-known brand of hot-air blowing high capacity welding machines – Leister – to weld PVC coated webbing with PVC coated industrial fabric at maximum speed. For hard accessible areas and smaller surfaces we use hand welding tools that blow hot air in a range of 20-700 ˚C temperature.

As aforesaid we make canvases for every kind of vehicle for example: vehicle body, car covering, unique car canvases, custom-made tilt, waggon cover, platea canopy, van cover, jeep cover.