Safety Net

In Hungary and its neighbouring countries the number of robbering suppliers is continually growing. Criminals often steal oil and petrol and in many cases comlete carriages are disappeared. It is unaffordable loss for companies. You can prevent the trouble.

The innovation of Dávid Ponyva Reklám Ltd. and the Secret Control GPS Ltd revolutionizes the safety of carriages. The safety canvas made from 2-5 mm diameter stainless steel sranded wire with electric interface cabels. It looks like a normal canvas. The difference is that if sombody cuts the material it will alarm immediately by GPS.


The wire is installed on the inside of the canvas whit the webbing canvas stripes or straps.
This is very useful method because it fixes and insulate the wires. In case of new canvases the wires place under the protection strips and lefting belts.
(The protection strip is a canvas strip which David Ponyva Ltd. makes in all size to defend the canvas material from damege that steel structures makes.)
In the case of used canvases with ratchet strap first of all we remove these items to hedge the wire all the side of the canvas.
(The ratchet strap is the tool that we use to fix canvas to the under-carriage. It is used for strech side curtains and canvases)

Safety Canvas Types:
  • Horizontal continuous current-carrying wire
  • Canvas Roof with continuous current-carrying wire
  • Canvas Roof with continuous current-carrying wire
  • Vertical and horizontal continuous current-carrying wire
  • Horizontal continuous current-carrying wire and 3-5 mm steel wire strengthening
The other advantage:

The other advantage of the MABISZ certificate Safety Net is the easy repair. If the wire is damaged we can change the disabled part fast. You do not have to buy all the canvas again.

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