Canvas Repairing

We are engaged in repairing canvases, metal structures and replacing accessories.

In most cases you sould not put yourself in expense. The repairing is much cheaper then buying a new one. Our professional colleagues estimate the damage after the order and they help to find the best solution. Regettably in some cases the destruction is as big as that there is no other way to fix it except changing the canvas. We repair your canvas in one day. There is no unreachable place for us, we can repair every hole or rip.

Canvas making

We can make any kind of canvases. From complex geometrical forms to simple truck covers. The applicaton of canvas can be very varied. We use the best materials with high competence to produce the covers of trucks, trailers, semi-trailers: side curtains, top-covers, drawable canvases for any type of cars.The use of canvas is very varied, unique shapes and forms are covered whit it. You can order from a wide choice of canvas colours.

Some people know that the fight rings and tatamis are made from also canvas. The Ferencvárosi TC wrestler section is supported by our company. We have experience in making sporting goods.

Locksmith work

We are engaged in repairing canvases, metal structures and replacing accessories. Our locksmiths have high compentence. We can make structure for every kind of vehicle, trailer and semi trailer. The stability of mobile garages, tents, pavilons, canopys and trailers depends on their work. That is the reason why locksmiths pay extra attention these objects. We also deal with modifying standard top to drawable roof (Edscha type).


Our upholsterers are cordailly at service. We assume upholster commercial vehicles, seat covers and every kind of sporting goods (small boxes, boxes). In additon the damaged surface is repaired without any problem.


The canvas is one of the most flexible material in the building-trade. This advantage is very useful in technically ways because it easily folds up. Our company deals with modifying standard top to drawable roof (Edscha type). The convertible top relieves the life of transporters. The loading is much more easier with Edscha type.

Costumized canvases

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience we can slove any canvas problem. Your visualization materializes in our work. We make the canvas and structure according to your needs. The colour of the pattern and text is your choice. We succesively communicate with our costomers during the planning. We can cover any kind of object with canvas.

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