Think of that in the building industry there few materials which are easily transportable. This is the advantage of canvas. It’s material is very flexible so you can simply ship because it is callapsible. You can store it in small palaces. Of course our tents are made from prime quality canvas.

The companies can also use these gains for tents. Nowadays there are so many temporary outings and programs. The summer is the season of festivals where tents are essential. Most buildings of the festivals are made from canvas. We make all kinds of tents. There are some cases when not the whole object is made from canvas just a part of it. For example roofs and pavilons of restaurants, pubs.

The properly selected materials with suitable strength and weight depending on the holding structure like PVC coated canvases can be used advantageously to cover anything since they are waterproof, non-fading because of ultraviolet protection, their tensile strength is wery high, and they keep their elasticity between – 30 and + 70 ˚C temperature.We can produce any kind of custom-designed tent, pavilon and awning.

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